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  • Samuel Brunt, PR Manager

How to increase productivity in the work place

Productivity is measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input. In terms of the workplace it can be essentially boiled down to the amount of work that your employees do in the hours that they work. By giving your workforce the ability, or the motivation, to increase their productivity, both individually and as a team, you can greatly increase the output of the company as a whole. The question is how to do this?

  1. Create Accountability: 

When giving instruction to employees make sure that you are precise and designate tasks to team members properly. By properly assigning tasks to team members it gives the responsibility for each job to specific people and thus creates accountability. This will therefore increase the attention and care that each task receives reducing mistakes and increasing productivity. 

2. Gamification Process:

Gamification is act of implementing typical elements of game play into other situations, elements such as point scoring, competition rewards etc. By implementing these elements into your current systems, you can increase the engagement of your team. As well as a short-term boost to productivity this will also help to improve worker satisfaction and retention which in turn keeps productivity high in the long run.  

3. Don’t Micromanage:

One of the worst things that you as a manager can do is to micro-manage. It teaches staff to be dependent on their supervisors. Not only does this take up supervisors’ time when they could be doing other things; it doesn’t allow staff to create their own style and niche. Micromanaging therefore reduces productivity two-fold.

4. Make sure your workforce takes breaks:

Workers that stay strapped to their desks all day without breaks will often find themselves completing less work than their co-workers that are taking regular breaks. After around two hours of solid work productivity begins to drop off. If you enforce regular, short breaks in the office, for fifteen or twenty minutes every few hours you should see your productivity increase as a team. A change of scene, perhaps a quick walk outside is particularly helpful to help increase productivity. 

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