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Updated 10th July 2018

  • How does a customer Opt In to choose Marketing preferences if booking online?

    • When the customer registers their details during the booking process, they can select whether they wish to receive Marketing material from yourselves. If they do not tick the box, their email address will be excluded from the marketing reports.


  • When a customer books in the centre or over the phone, will there be the option for the staff member to select if the customer would like to receive Marketing material?

    • With customers registering at the venue, there is no proof that the customer has opted in. Currently, all customers registering in the venue will have no option to opt in. We will be releasing a customer portal over the next few weeks, for your customers to log in and change their preference, with a link being sent to them as part of the booking process to gain access.


  • Does SMART define how long we keep the customer data for?

    • No, within the updates being released over the next few weeks, there will be a setting in which you as the Data Controller can specify how long you wish for data to be kept for.


  • Will SMART be deleting the data?

    • SMART will be deleting the data held on request from you, the venue. You will have an obligation to provide deletion requests as soon as you receive them. We will action these requests within 28 days.


  • What if the customer contacts us to ask for a copy of their data that we hold, or their right to be forgotten. How do I download that information or change their preferences?

    • We will be releasing a further update over the coming weeks, which will give you access to the customer record to download their data, or change their preferences. In the meantime, please email where we will make those changes for you.


  • Do I need to have a Privacy policy?

    • Yes, you will need to implement your own Privacy Policy, which will be readily available to your customers. You will also able to include a copy of your Privacy Policy within the BookMy solutions. We will be releasing further information on how and where to update those settings accordingly.


  • I use the Task section within the BookMy solutions, how is the Opt In & Out options going to affect any of those tasks?

    • We have disabled all future scheduled Marketing tasks within the BookMy solutions at this time. However, we will be adding 2 new task profiles for Marketing, which will comply with GDPR.


  • I use the Marketing lists available within the BookMy solutions. Can I continue using those lists?

    • The marketing lists have been removed temporarily, and are to be re-written to comply with GDPR. We will send updates through when this will be readily available.


  • Are the BookMy solutions secure?

    • We have been working over the last year to increase the security of our solutions, working closely with our providers to use and exceed industry standard security practices.

  • What do we need to do regarding Staff Passwords?

    • We will be releasing another update in the coming weeks where you will be requested to change passwords in line with new password policies. We have chosen to release this new feature later to minimise the disruption to your staff and businesses.


             We will be sending further correspondence advising of what you will need to do to enforce this change. You, as the venue,                     will determine how often you would like the BookMy solutions to prompt for password changes.

Any further queries relating to GDPR and the changes to our software, please email A member of the team will respond to all queries. 

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